West Philippine Sea

Kailangang gawin ang lahat para tiyaking kaya nating ipaglaban ang ating national interest. Bantayan natin nang husto ang kaso sa UNCLOS at higit dun panatilihing bukas ang lahat ng paraan na masolusyunan ito nang mapayapa.

The West Philippine Sea/South China Sea is a hotly contended piece of territory.

It is an extremely strategic location, with more than $5 trillion worth of trade going through the area every year, and the majority of the fuel requirements of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are transported via these waters.

This makes the area a critical shipping lane and air route. Furthermore, the area also contains large fish stocks and is expected to hold a large reserve oil and natural gas.

The Philippines is currently pursuing the case through UN arbitration, with the International Tribunal ruling positively on the jurisdiction of the arbitration case in October 2015. However, it is not known if there will be an enforcement mechanism even if the Philippines gets the best decision.

It is important to keep all peaceful options open such as maintaining diplomatic channels. But at the same time, we must continue to pursue the UN Arbitration, as well as pursue the AFP Modernization Program.1

  1. Recently, the Philippines received a new squadron of FA-50 jets from South Korea, 114 Armored Personnel Carriers and 2 large seagoing vessels from the United States